American Carnage 2022

Stream full movie American Carnage 2022 on moviesjoy website in 1080p HD. The movie story of the Governor, who orders to gather all the townspeople under the age of twenty. The real reason is known only to a few. The rest can only guess what awaits anyone who caught the eye of the patrol. Parents try in vain to hide their children, suspecting something was wrong. All victims are sent to a secret base to undergo a series of tests. The government plans to conduct a unique survival experiment to find out what people are capable of. The authors of the idea are sure that a huge power is hidden inside them, which can only break out in the face of death itself. After completing all the tasks and coping with the instructions of the mysterious patients, the participants can go home. No one has ever managed to cheat the system. Everyone who once got into a medical institution remained forever within its walls. JP and Lily were among the last ten. They managed to find friends, with whom the brother and sister planned to figure out what was happening. It soon becomes clear that something strange is happening within the walls of the hospital, and the workers are constantly monitored.

Duration: 98 min


IMDb: 5.0