Burial 2022

Stream full movie Burial 2022 on moviesjoy website in 1080p HD. World War II is drawing to a close. But real peace is still far away. The scattered remnants of German fighters are attempting to obstruct Soviet soldiers from completing an important mission. Hitler’s suicide was a watershed moment, but his remains must be returned to Moscow. Stalin desired to see for himself that the man who was attempting to enslave the entire world had been defeated. He directed a group led by Brana Vasilyeva to transport the corpse to the USSR capital by any means necessary. His demonstration would have marked the culmination of the allied forces’ victory and demonstrated that fascism had been defeated. However, this task is on the verge of failing.
The detachment encounters the militia while moving through territory already controlled by the victors. Werewolf members exterminate enemies mercilessly, attack civilians, kill them, and burn down houses. Their goal is to cause the most damage possible. They exact vengeance, believing that the rumours of their leader’s death are merely enemy manipulation. However, a meeting with Vasilyeva’s detachment reveals that the Fuhrer is no longer alive. And they will go to any length to remove his remains and prevent their transportation.

Duration: 95 min


IMDb: 4.8