Samaritan 2022

Stream full movie Samaritan 2022 on joymovies online website in 1080p HD. The film story tells that for twenty years nothing has been heard about the superhero nicknamed Samaritan, who defeated his sworn enemy, but disappeared without a trace, dissolving among the inhabitants of the city. Now he is trying to live a normal life and lives on a remote outskirts. Standing up once for a boy who was beaten by hooligans, he meets a local who immediately recognizes him as a superhero from the past, trying to understand why he stopped helping people. Ahead of the boy are many shocking revelations about what really happened twenty years ago.

Directed by Julius Avery, this fantasy drama was written by Bragy F. Shute. The producers of the project are Braden Aftergood, David Kern and Guy Riedel. David Ungaro is responsible for the visuals and camera work here. And for the musical accompaniment, the duet of Kevin Kiner and Jed Kurzel.

The film’s cast is led by Sylvester Stallone in the titular role. The company here in the lead roles are: Javon Walton, Dasha Polanco, Pilu Asbek, Sofia Tatum, Martin Starr, Moises Arias, Henry J. Sanders, Michael Aaron Milligan and other artists.

Duration: 102 min


IMDb: 5.8