Wolf Hound 2022

Stream full movie Wolf Hound 2022 on moviesjoy website in HD. The forty-fourth year. France’s occupied territory For air supremacy over Europe, the Allies are fighting Hitler’s Luftwaffe. The German special forces unit “Kampfgeschwader 200” secretly hijacks American and British planes and uses them as Trojan horses. The film depicts the feat of pilot David Holden, who, once behind enemy lines, must save the crew of the B-17 aircraft and thwart the Germans’ plans, which could completely change the course of the war.

Review of the movie Wolf Hound 2022.
I enjoyed the use of vintage planes and the aerial cinematography. Outstanding work. This film is more enjoyable when viewed as an action film in the vein of Indiana Jones or a mix of pulp with a fantastic bent. Take it for what it is, and you will adore this lovely film.

Duration: 130 min


IMDb: 3.6