Persuasion 2022

Stream full movie Persuasion 2022 on moviesjoy to website in HD. Ann Elliot is 27 years old. She is not married and this becomes an additional reason for the grief of her snobbish relatives. They are on the verge of ruin. An advantageous marriage for their daughter could save them from complete destruction. But not a single decent gentleman wooed her. And in the past, young Ann had a love story that ended tragically. Frederick Wentworth asked for her hand in marriage, but was refused.

Miss Elliot gave up on love, deciding that she would have to suffer all her life. She takes the reproaches of her parents about her disorder for granted, but does not want to start a family with a person who does not evoke feelings in her. And her only love is Frederic. But she thinks that they are not destined to meet. But he breaks into her life again, turning the settled world upside down and forcing her dormant feelings to stir up. She has to make a difficult decision: to succumb to the temptation and allow herself a forbidden romance or think about the well-being of the family.

Duration: 107 min


IMDb: 5.6