Escape the Field 2022

Stream full movie Escape the Field 2022 on movies joy website in HD. The plot of the film revolves around six people who have never before encountered each other. Now, however, these strangers open their eyes and find themselves in some distant cornfield. All of them are in a bad state, while not having even the slightest idea of ​​how and why they ended up here. After all, yesterday each of them lived his usual life and could not foresee that the next morning he would wake up not at all in his bed, but in some mysterious place. A short period after that, they discover that they each have one unique item. In this situation, it seems that all this is part of some mysterious puzzle, which they will now begin to try to solve. After some thought, these people decide that they should stick together and work together at the same time. However, getting out of this trap is not so easy. But the already difficult situation becomes even more complicated when they are suddenly attacked by an ominous creature.

Review of the movie Escape the Field 2022.
Six strangers awaken in the middle of a cornfield. They have no idea how or why they ended up there, or why everyone received the same item. They are attempting to escape the trap by working together and solving new puzzles when they are attacked by a sinister creature mysteriously connected to the energy of the field.

Duration: 89 min


IMDb: 4.1