Passing 2021

The movie story is based on true events. The main characters are two school friends Irene and Clare. Irene recognizes her old friend in a mysterious stranger. There is something in the features of the woman’s face that is inherent in the sweet girl Claire. They got into conversation and realized that even after so many years they still had a lot of topics for communication. The women did not part for a day, but more and more often Redfield thought that her life was beginning to collapse. She blamed her friend for this, who once disappeared as suddenly as she had just appeared. Clare’s husband turned out to be a man with whom Irene had been hopelessly in love for several years. This news struck her to the depths of her soul, but the woman began to feel even greater emptiness after she suspected her husband of treason. She attributed Clare to him as his mistress. Kendry honestly didn’t understand what her friend was talking about. Her empty accusations hurt her badly, because Clare herself was deeply unhappy. Will friendship turn into enmity? Get full movie on moviesJoy website without login.

Duration: 98 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.6