The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild 2022

The ice age continues! Having survived global warming, continental drift and an imminent asteroid impact, Sid, Diego and Manny, with their extended family, peacefully go about their daily business. At this time, the restless Crash and Eddie, left unattended, managed to fall straight into the Lost World!!! ordeal for two tiny opossums. Plans to become mega-cool T-Rex tamers quickly fail, and now Crash and Eddie’s main task is to survive – at least until Manny, Diego and Sid rush to their aid. And until then, their only Buck becomes the protector. As you know, cannot be relied upon. How will the journey of a couple of eccentric opossums into the world of giant dinosaurs end? Stream full free movies on moviejoy website in HD.

Duration: 82 min


IMDb: 4.2