Pokémon Detective Pikachu 2019

After the baffling vanishing of Harry Goodman, a private specialist, his child Tim will attempt to discover what occurred. Criminologist Pikachu, Harry’s previous accomplice, is associated with the examination: a cute super-investigator with clever smarts, which leaves many puzzled, including himself. Taking note of that they are especially very much coordinated, Tim and Pikachu unite in an exciting experience to settle this impossible puzzle. Looking for pieces of information in the neon-populated lanes of the city of Ryme – a cutting edge, rambling city where people and Pokémon live one next to the other in an exceptionally reasonable real to life world – they meet a few Pokémon characters and afterward find a stunning plot that could well crush this tranquil conjunction and compromise the entire of their universe.

Duration: 104 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.9