Push 2009

Download Push 2009 hd movie free online. Nick Gant is a young man whose father was genetically changed for an ideal government. After he was brutally killed, Nick hated this organization and took revenge on them. Now Nick has to hide in Hong Kong, where he meets 13-year-old Cassie (who is like him) is a second-generation seer. The girl’s mother is the most powerful seer in the world, whom the servicemen took to themselves so that the woman could show them the future. Cassie asks Nick for help to go together in search of her mother and a stolen suitcase with an impressive sum of $6 million. Soon they gather a whole group of psychics and unite in the fight against the organization. Users can now enjoy moviesjoy free streaming online at high buffering speed.

Duration: 111 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.1