Resurrection 2022

Stream full movie Resurrection on moviejoy website in 1080p HD. Margaret belongs to the number of women who do not sit still and achieve success in many areas of life. She single-handedly brings up her growing daughter Abby and along the way makes a successful career, now holding a very high position. She also makes runs every morning, which finally awaken from sleep and prepare for the next stormy day. Evenings, the heroine dedicates to little Abby, with whom she watches cartoons, reads books and tries her best to be a good mother.

But one day the usual life collapses. David appears on the horizon – a man who many years ago inflicted deep psychological trauma on Margaret. He mocked her for a long time and crippled her psyche until the unfortunate victim escaped from his tenacious paws. The woman had a hard time building a new life, and when she succeeded, the tyrant reappeared. David directly declares to the heroine that he returned with the sole purpose of finishing what he started, destroying and destroying her.

Duration: 103 min


IMDb: 6.6