Room 203 2022

Stream full movie Room 203 2022 on MoviesJoy To website in HD. The story of the most ordinary applicant preparing for admission to a prestigious university, looking for a suitable room to stay. He plans to rent a house with his girlfriend, dividing the payment in half. Joint “habitation” helps to quickly adapt to life. A long, exhausted search leads the girls to a great offer at a very low price! True, the hostess warned about the suicide of a young couple, which occurred about fifty years ago, and about the constant disappearance of the tenants in an unclear way. Slightly frightened students have nowhere to go, they pay the rent, starting to inspect the gloomy, gothic premises. Their attention is especially attracted by the wall covered with images of the execution and the ominous smell of decay reigning in one of the rooms. With time.

Duration: 104 min


IMDb: 4.2