Santana 2020

Santana 2020 is here to streaming online in HD quality. This movie story follows two brothers Dias and Matias. In which Dias is a narcotics agent and Matias is a general. These brothers chase the most dangerous gangsters and drug lords in Africa. Whose name is Ferreira. As they chase Ferreira, he learns that Ferreira is the man who murdered his parents thirty-five years ago. Ferreira already knows which agents are catching me and he runs away from Angola to South Africa to escape them. As soon as the two brothers come to know about it, they follow him to catch it. To capture Ferreira, he had to break the laws that were noted by him. Download movie free in HD quality on Moviesjoy Online to uncover the mystery of whether Ferreira is caught by two brothers.

Duration: 1h 46min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 3.9