Hawkeye S01 E02

Marvel’s Clint Barton has dedicated his adult life to fighting blatant injustice and oppression of innocent people. During this time, he gained considerable experience, having experienced all the vicissitudes of communication with criminals on his own skin. Putting on the frightening Hawkeye costume, and wandering around the city in search of enemies, he deftly managed with a bow and arrow, but he saw something that he would not even want to remember. But, everything comes to an end and on Barton one fine morning fatigue suddenly fell. The superhero missed his family, and finally decided to live the most ordinary life, devoting time to his loved ones and at the same time, making up for lost time.

Inwardly torn between a desire to help people and a wife with children, he once heard a media report. The TV channels broadcast about some masked avenger who continued the Eye’s work by catching another criminal. Deciding to meet a newcomer and at the same time clear the city of another criminal group, he said goodbye to his family, promising to arrive by Christmas, and soon ran into a fragile girl in a black hood, holding a bow in a dark alley in a dark alley. The young lady introduced herself as Kate Bishop and said that she admired the work he had done and hoped to become his successor. Enjoy this series this weekend with moviesJoy website.

Duration: 49 min min


TMDb: 8.0