The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 5

In a space battle, the Mandalorez defeats the bounty hunter chasing him, but the ship is badly damaged. Mando forced to land in the town of Mos Aisley on Tatooinenear the Pali Motto repair base. Looking for work – to pay for ship repairs – in a local bar Mandalorets comes across Toro Kalikan, a young bounty hunter seeking to join the Guild. For this, Kalikan needs to find the incredibly experienced mercenary Fenneka Shand. Therefore, Mando goes in search of a dyubaka for transporting the prisoner, and Calikan remains to follow Shand. The mercenary tells Toro that the Mandaloret betrayed the Guild and asks to be released in exchange for help in capturing Mando. For a moment, the mercenary seems that Kalikan agreed, however, he shoots a prisoner and is carried away on a motorbike straight to the workshop, where he captures Motto and the Baby. Mando, riding on a found dyubaka, returns to the place of captivity of Shand and sees her corpse. After this, Mando arrives at the Pali Motto repair base. Using a light grenade behind his head, he disorients Toro Calican and kills him. Mando gives all the money to Calican Pali Motto to pay for repairs and flies away with the Baby from Tatooine.

Duration: 35 min


TMDb: 7.9