The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 4

In flight from the Guild, the Mandaloretz and the Baby arrive on the sparsely populated planet Sorgan. There, they encounter a mercenary and former member of the rebel squad, Kara Dune, who is hiding from bounty hunters. After a little brawl, she asks Mando to leave the settlement. When he prepares the ship for departure, two desperate fishermen approach him on the raft, who hope with the help of the Mandalorian to drive out the raiders ravaging their small village. Mando agrees and transfers their loans to Kara to secure her support. Arriving in the village, Mandalorets and the baby stop in the barn of the widow of Omera. When Omera asks Mando about his helmet, he replies that he has not removed it before anyone since the time when his parents were killed and the Mandalorians took him under his protection. Cara Dune and Mando explore the area and discoverAT-ST walker. Despite the appeals of Mandalorian and Dune, residents decide to stay in the village and learn how to protect themselves. After sunset, Mando and Kara penetrate the raider’s tent and detonate it, and the AT-ST begins to chase them. Having reached the village and the defensive positions of the farmers, the AT-ST stops at the edge of the pond, where a trap is set for it, and the raiders begin the attack. Cara Dune, causing AT-ST to fire on himself, lures him into a pond; the walker falls, and Mando explodes it. Fishermen defeat the Raiders, and they flee. The world has returned to the village. Seeing how the baby is having fun playing with children, Mando decides to leave him in this village, and himself to hit the road. Suddenly, a guild bounty hunter appears in the forest and tries to kill the Baby, but he is neutralized by Cara Dune. The mandaloret does not risk the life of the baby, takes him along with him and says goodbye to the villagers.

Duration: 41 min


TMDb: 7.8