The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 2

Returning to the landing site of his spaceship, Mandalorets discovers a huge group of aliens of the Java variety. They rob his starship, bringing everything to complete disrepair. The Mandalorean attacks the Shorties, but their heavily armored sandrauler is an impregnable fortress for a lone bounty hunter. Quil offers to buy parts from the robbers, but the Mandalorian has nothing but his own armor. The Java agree to give details if the Mandaloret brings them the woolly rhino egg. During a battle with an animal, a baby similar to Yoda wakes up – a wild beast hangs in the air for a moment, which gives the Mandalore an opportunity to stab him directly in the heart. Having received the elements of his ship back, the Mandalorean asks Kuiyil to help him with the repair. The kid, meanwhile, is hibernating. Next, the Mandalorean, together with Quil, restore the ship, the protagonist offers the farmer a part of the award or a mechanic’s place on the ship, however, he refuses, saying that he worked all his life to finally feel free. The Mandalore thanks Kuiila and flies away.

Duration: 31 min


TMDb: 8.8