The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 8

IG-11 kills reconnaissance soldiers and saves the Baby. The droid and the baby are heading to the city, where Moff Gideon’s soldiers surrounded Mandalorian, Kara Dune, and Grif Cargo. Gideon, meanwhile, is trying to get the team to surrender using the E-WEB guns and reveals Mandalore’s real name, Dean Jerin. The suddenly appeared IG-11 is trying to free the heroes, however, during the skirmish that began, Gideon seriously injures Dean and the team has to hide again at headquarters. The flamethrower attack aircraft burns out the headquarters from the inside, however, the Baby uses the Force and reverses the stream of fire. The team decides to hide in the sewers, but the wounded Dean and IG-11 remain in the building. But the droid manages to restore Dean’s strength with a special bacta, and both heroes get to the rest. Dean takes refuge in the Mandalorians, but it turns out that after the flight of Mando with the Baby, the Imperials cleared the shelter, killing almost all of the Mandalorians, except the Gunsmith and those who managed to escape. She gives Dean a jetpack – the last part of the Mandalore’s armor — and says that protecting and raising the Baby is Dean’s duty, now he is the “father”. The team replenishes stocks of weapons and crosses the lava river. But at the exit from the tunnel they are already waiting for the soldiers of Gideon. IG-11, sacrificing himself for the sake of the team, self-destructs, killing all attack aircraft with his explosion. The team gets out of the tunnel, but is attacked by Gideon on a TIE fighter. Jerin, using his new jetpack, flies up to the fighter and detonates it, causing a crash. Dean picks up the Baby on the ship, and Cara Dune and Vulture Karga remain on Navarro. Near the landing site of his ship, Mando builds a small grave for Queil, who gave his life for the salvation of the Infant. Then Dean and the baby leave the planet. And Gideon, meanwhile, gets out of the collapsed TIE fighter with the help of the Black Sword.

TV Status: ongoing

Duration: 46 min


TMDb: 9.6