The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 6

The Mandalorean helps his old friend Ren in rescuing one of his assistants, Quin, from the Twi’lek race imprisoned on a New Republic prison ship. Ren plans to use Mando’s ship for the mission and sends with him the former imperial sniper Mayfeld, the Devaron Berg, the droid pilot Zero, and the Twi’lecanShi’an, sister of the captive Quinn. Upon arrival on the prison ship on the way to the cells, they destroy several security droids and get to the command room, where they stumble upon a soldier of the New Republic. After a skirmish between Mayfeld and Mando, Shi’an kills a soldier with a dagger, but he manages to turn on the signal light of the New Republic. Despite the alarm raised, the “team” rescues Quinn. However, Burgh, Mayfeld and Shi’an locked Mando in a prison cell – it was only a clever combination. But Mando, with the help of the droid’s torn hand, successfully escapes and, reaching the command room, uses the ship’s surveillance and security systems to isolate the former “allies”, and then captures Quinn. The Mandalorean takes him to the station of Ren and flies away with the award received from Ren. Ren gives the order to kill the departing Mando,X-wing ”and destroy it. Mando on his ship with the Baby flies past the fighters and jumps into hyperspace . At this time, on a prison ship in the cell, Mandalorese captive Mayfeld, Burg and Shi’an are seated.

Duration: 43 min


TMDb: 9.4