Shut In 2022

Stream full movie Shut In 2022 on moviesjoy stream website in HD. The movie story is about a girl named Jessica. She lives in a small rural house with her two children and spends her days there. She is in such a precarious state that she could collapse at any time. This way of life soon bothers the heroine of the film “Locked Up,” and she decides to leave this rural wilderness for a more civilised area. She informs an ex-boyfriend who unexpectedly pays her a visit of her decision. Fearful of losing Jessica, the young man goes insane and locks the girl in a closet at the suggestion of a drug addict friend. Will she be able to free herself and protect her children from the looming danger?

Review of the movie Shut In 2022.
Am amzing stroy. Jessica and her two small children live in a dilapidated house in the countryside. She cannot afford such housing, so the girl decides to relocate, which she informs her ex-boyfriend, who has unexpectedly arrived to visit. He loses his cool after being provoked by a drug addict friend and locks Jessica in the pantry; now she must use considerable ingenuity to get out of this situation and save the children.

Duration: 89 min


IMDb: 6.1