Daughter of the Wolf 2019

Claire (Gina Carano), an ex-military pro, gets back home to the ongoing updates on her dad’s going through multi year-old child, Charlie (Anton Gillis-Adelman). With the news that Claire has acquired huge total of cash from her dad’s business Charlie is grabbed for a payoff. Rather than looking for assistance Claire takes one of the hijackers, Larsen (Brendan Fehr), as prisoner and powers to lead her to a voyage to safeguard her child from the strange figure The trek takes Claire somewhere down in the mountains of the Yukon, close to the US – Canadian outskirt as a winter tempest approaches. As the chances of survival begin to mount against Clair must choose the option to shape a collusion with Larsen so as to spare her and endure the wild of the North.

Duration: 88 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.4