The 24th 2020

Complete hd streaming of latest movie The 24th 2020. The events described in the presented film will unfold in the state of Texas in early 1917. A twenty-fourth company of African American soldiers was stationed in the city to carry out some construction work. One soldier was a young man named William. He graduated from a higher education institution at the Sorbonne, tried to always adhere to liberal views and did everything possible to promote his values, ​​and ideals among the soldiers. At first young people treated the main character coolly and even skeptically, but he eventually earned their trust and respect. The soldiers were forced to experience humiliation and beatings from residents who were typical white people with racist sentiments. The situation in the city intensified almost every day. Movieninja movies is a user-friendly ad-free site with superb speed and efficiency.

Duration: 101 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.9