The Bad Guys 2022

Stream full movie The Bad Guys 2022 on moviesjoy movies website in HD. Mr. Wolf, the dexterous pickpocket, Mr. Snake, the skilled safecracker, Mr. Shark, the cold-blooded master of disguise, Mr. Piranha, the hot-tempered and muscular Mr. Piranha, and Miss Tarantula, the witty high-class hacker. Even the most cunning criminals, however, make mistakes from time to time. To avoid incarceration, the gang’s leader, Mister Wolf, is forced to take drastic measures: the “Bad Boys” must change for the better. Or should I pretend? But, when a new villain threatens the city, will Mister Wolf be able to persuade the others to truly become the good guys?

Duration: 100 min


IMDb: 7.0