The Gray Man 2022

Stream full movie The Gray Man 2022 on moviesjoy .com website in HD. The storyline of the thrilling action movie revolves around a fearless guy named Kurt Gentry, who boasts vast experience in law enforcement. In the recent past, he was a CIA officer and, without further ado, carried out direct orders from his superiors. The brave fighter was a true professional in his chosen field and never once doubted the correctness of his own actions. He skillfully dealt with enemies and neutralized criminal elements. But one day an event occurred, after which he had to leave the service.

Gentry lost his job due to a serious conflict with his superiors. To earn money, he agrees to become a hired killer. The determined man uses his skills to quickly hunt down and kill strangers. He has no equal in this matter. He is rapidly becoming the most sought-after hitman in the country. Customers do not know his real name. The truth is known only by former colleague Lloyd Hansen, who expects to return the agent to the CIA. To implement his plan, he is ready to use the most terrible and brutal methods. Kurt soon has to protect his daughters, whose existence came as a surprise to him.

Duration: 122 min


IMDb: 7.0