The Kings Daughter 2022

The film is about the story of a legendary ruler who always dreamed of living forever. He was ready to give everything in order to prolong his existence, never leave his rightful place on the throne and see how centuries succeed one another. The sorcerer tells him how to get the elixir of immortality. To prepare it, you need a real mermaid that lives in deep ocean waters. Louis XIV, along with loyal servants, goes on a campaign to get everything needed to create a potion. The plans of a distraught father, hungry for power and glory, are going to be thwarted by his eighteen-year-old daughter. The girl is distinguished by waywardness and freedom, which her father never gave her. She decides to stand in his way to prevent the spilling of a single drop of blood of innocent people. The cruelty of Louis XIV knew no bounds, especially when he wanted something so badly. His daughter enlisted the support of the guardian of the mermaid, who also opposes the wishes of the earthly ruler.Watch full movies on MoviesJoy Movies website in 4k.

Duration: 90 min


IMDb: 8.1