The Legacy of the Bones 2020

Watch 1080p hd movie The Legacy of the Bones 2020 free online. Amaia Salazar, a brilliant investigator, knows it well, but above all a happy woman, close to giving birth, who would like to dedicate her heart and mind only to the imminent maternity. Not even the suicide of a man accused of murder, in the toilets of the court, with a disturbing message addressed to her, does not distract her from the thought of the little boy who is about to be born. But soon these strange suicides of murderers accompanied by the mysterious signature “Tarttalo” begin to become too many to be dictated only by chance and Amaia cannot back down. He must know more, he must investigate. Enjoy watching movies joy ultra hd movies free online.

Duration: 121 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.3