The Misfits 2021

The Misfits is an adventure story of the Misfits thieves group. In this movie the Bank robber Ringo (Nick Cannon) and martial arts expert Violet (Jamie Chung) lead that group. They earn money by shifting the Jewelry, goods, and cash of corrupted peoples. And gives that money to the poor. Pace (Pierce Brosnan) join this group. Because he is artificially an architect but having a criminal background. His daughter Hope (Hermione Corfield) joined this misfits group so that’s why he also join this group. He is money moned person. And they make a plan to theft the money of businessman Schultz (Tim Roth), who is the funding of terrorist group From LA to Abu Dhabi. To continue with this movie watch it on the moviesjoy streaming site.

Duration: 1h 34min

Quality: HD