The Outfit 2022

Stream full movie The Outfit 2022 on MovieJoy website in HD. The tailor tries to earn money for maintenance by creating suits according to certain standards that appear from customers, and he does not interfere in the lives of others. Different personalities approach him; they are connected with criminal authorities, but they do not reveal any secrets or riddles to this man. Continuing his direct activities, he decided to go to work in the evening, and the assistant was nearby. She realised it was difficult for the director to handle such a large order on his own.
Unknown people with weapons burst into the building and threatened him with violence while he was sketching on paper. They stated that they would conceal a case containing money within the building. Law enforcement and other criminal gangs will be after these savings, but the tailor must remain silent. If he admits to the hidden data, he and the assistant will be destroyed. He needs to get through the night, and the room’s doors literally don’t close, and armed guests are constantly dropping in.

Duration: 105 min


IMDb: 7.3