The Tiger Rising 2022

The movie is about a twelve-year-old boy named Rob Horton. He lives near the forest and cannot boast of the variety of his entertainment. After classes at school, he walks in the forest and unmistakably finds paths from the most impassable places. One day, in the middle of a forest thicket, he stumbles upon a tiger caught and securely locked in a huge cage. After a while, the Bengal breed predator became a true friend for the boy. Every day the protagonist of the film “Soaring Tiger” comes to the forest and gets closer to the cage. Soon, the formidable predator gets used to the periodic presence of the boy and ceases to show aggression. The tiger is not destined to get out of captivity himself, which is why the boy decides that he must help him escape. He initiates his classmate Sistine into his secret and leads her to a secret place. The girlfriend promises to help, after which the children open the bolt of the cage. Feeling the desired freedom, the predator began to behave very strangely. What happened to the terrible tiger? Stream online movies on moviesjoy website.

Duration: 102 min


IMDb: 5.8