They/Them 2022

Stream full movie They/Them on moviesjoy to website in 1080p HD. Owen Whistler organized a camp to help transgender teenagers rethink their sense of self. He offers them a week-long course of therapy aimed at changing psychological attitudes. His influence should completely change them, turning them into acceptable children for their parents. Conservative adults don’t understand Queer ideology and send them to Whistler, hoping to pick them up changed and in line with their expectations.

But young participants in the reform program have to face more dangerous things than a mentor who imagines himself an experienced psychotherapist. The mysterious killer begins to kill the inhabitants of the camp, choosing one victim at a time. He will not stop if the teenagers do not join forces to find him and save their own lives and new friends from the attacks of an unknown maniac.

Duration: 90 min


IMDb: 3.4