Wally Got Wasted 2019

Patrick Cavanaugh plays Mitch, whom we meet at the beginning of Wally Got Wasted being dumped by his fairly heartless GF Jessica (Lauren Francesca). Seeking comfort in the arms of his buddies Charlie (Ward) and Jerry (Ada Groben), as well as a Brisket, Mitch’s plans for a night on the tiles to find some closure on his relationship are scuppered when a violent serial killer posing as a census worker called Wally (James Babson) interrupts his cooking. Accidentally and fatally stabbing the man, Mitch and his friends are swiftly caught up in a dangerous journey across L.A. where they hope to dispose of the body and avoid some corrupt cops who were hunting Wally for attempting to blackmail them. Enjoy moviesjoy streaming without any membership.

Duration: 99 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 8.5