Fresh 2022

Noah is a lovely, attractive woman. But all of her attempts to meet a guy end in failure. She has signed up for dating apps and created a detailed profile in order to find the perfect match. However, artificial intelligence algorithms are constantly delivering the wrong message to her. And the girl concludes that these efforts are futile and ceases to respond to messages. It allows events to unfold in their own unique way rather than looking for a predefined one. She runs into Steve by chance while shopping.

He’s a nice, attractive guy who she likes. She is so taken with his politeness and unobtrusiveness, as well as his bright charisma and funny jokes, that she decides to give him her phone number. Steve asks her out on a date, and everything goes swimmingly. When her boyfriend invites her to spend the weekend with him. Noah had never dared to do anything so daring before. However, the new icon appears to be so trustworthy and decent that she is unconcerned about the negative outcome of events. And agrees to spend the weekend with him. But, once she’s alone with him, she’ll have to learn about her “ideal” lover’s dangerous tendencies.Stream full movies on moviejoy website in HD.

Duration: 114 min


IMDb: 7.2