Windfall 2022

Stream full movie Windfall 2022 on MoviesJoy Movies website in HD. The robber has been looking for a big target for a long time. The man who owns the house is a local billionaire who made his fortune through the internet. Because the offender regards himself as a simple swindler, he does not consider theft to be a major sin in this case. He enters the building without incident. He even found a lot of tidbits for himself, which served as a reward. Before the man could collect all of the discovered banknotes, he heard footsteps and conversations on the first floor. The robber needed to find cover quickly so he wouldn’t be caught off guard.
The billionaire himself, along with his wife, returned to the mansion. When they arrived at their country house, they had no idea they would come across an unlucky thief. He comes out of hiding, but he is not going to give up. He engages in a conversation with the rich man, expressing many of his claims to him. The criminal reveals all of the schemes he used to amass his fortune. The businessman will not let him go unpunished. The perilous game begins.

Duration: 92 min


IMDb: 5.6