Wuthering Heights 2022

The movie is about eternal love and agonizing desire. Mr. Lockwood, a young man, leaves London and relocates to a country estate away from the city’s rush and bustle. At Wuthering Heights, he meets his neighbor Nelly. Mr. Lockwood hears Nelly explain how young Catherine and Hareton Earnshaw met and fell in love. She shows a meaningful, reciprocal partnership in which young Catherine and Hareton Earnshaw tolerate each other’s flaws while providing what they require. The harmony in their relationship contrasts with Catherine and Heathcliff’s terrible love. In this work, the idea of healthy real love is represented by young Catherine and Hareton Earnshaw, whose newfound love brings an end to a decades-long feud between the Linton and Earnshaw families. Stream full movies on moviesjoy website in HD.

Duration: 150 min


IMDb: 6.0