You Are Not My Mother 2022

Stream full movie Marry Me 2022 on MoviesJoy Movies website in HD. An extraordinary event occurs in North Dublin, triggering a chain of horrifying events. A woman chained to a bed vanishes without a trace on the eve of the mystical holiday Halloween. Chara’s own daughter is depressed and unable to comprehend how this could have occurred. The young lady rushes to find a relative and knocks on every door, asking friends and strangers alike. Her efforts are futile, and an even more bizarre incident occurs shortly thereafter. After some time, the missing woman returns home on her own, with no explanation for her absence.
A young girl attempts to solve the riddle and asks questions, but she does not receive a satisfactory answer. The approaching All Saints’ Day frightens Chara, who notices the parent’s strange behaviour. The more she investigates what happened, the more she realises that the incident is directly related to the past. She is forced to learn about unpleasant family secrets. The shocking truth is hidden in your family history, which you will have to confront. The heiress must comprehend the details in order to avoid the mortal danger posed by a sinister entity.

Genre: 2022DramaHorror


Actors: ,


Duration: 93 min


IMDb: 6.8